People are your greatest resource in any community mobilization.

Samer Sharif 

We don’t normally think of people as a resource.  But the mere fact of working together with others provides a lot of opportunities. Different people have different talents, ideas, and strengths.  A group can get a lot of things done that an individual cannot.

In this video, Samer Sharif, who works with an NGO called Ruwwad Al-Tanmeya, describes another group he is part of, and how working together lets them all do more things together.

Video Transcript

Working with Volunteers

Volunteers are a tremendous resource for any project.  It’s always important to identify people who can help, find out what their talents are possibilities are, and find where they can fit.  In this video, Youssef Shoufan, who helps to run La Maison de Syrie, a Syrian cultural institution in Montreal, Canada, talks about how he learned to bring volunteers into the organization.

Video Transcript

If you are interested in learning a lot about working with volunteers, the American University of Cairo has published a long guide to volunteer management that is a good resource.

In your e-Portfolio, answer the following questions:

  • What is the value for your mobilization project of working together with others? What do they bring to the project?
  • How do you work to make sure you are making a positive contribution to a group, when you are working together with others?
  • Will your project require volunteers beyond the people who are involved in planning the mobilization? What might they do? How would you recruit them and match them to work that needs to be done?