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 Community Mobilization in Crisis (CMIC) is a research-driven community of practice for sharing transformative learning, experience, and empowerment among individuals, communities, and organizations who mobilize collectively in the midst of crises. We are reimagining a more democratic and portable model of higher education, a more just international system, and good and equitable technological tools to serve community mobilisers around the world. 

CMIC was founded at the University of Ottawa, a postsecondary educational institution on the unceded territory of the Algonquin Nation.  Our network includes partners from Turtle Island, Lebanon, Palestine, the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, Brazil, and beyond.  


CMIC is for anyone who wants to learn more about how to work with others in their communities to address issues that matter to them, or who wants to learn about how people all over the world have worked together and made change.  Teachers and professors use our materials in their teaching.  NGOs, community groups, and groups of people thinking about challenges use our materials to broaden their perspectives, learn new skills and approaches, and develop their own ideas.  Individuals who want to learn how to work together with others to make a difference use the materials to grow their own knowledge.  You can learn more about our approach by reading our Trainer’s Guidebook.

What Does CMIC Do?


We gather together stories of people working together with their communities to meet their needs, address challenges they face, and celebrate their joys.



We build out from these stories to co-create open educational resources for all to use.


We work with mobilizers-in-training, teach university classes, and support others in using our materials to inspire and support mobilizers.


We support mobilizations making meaningful change, and we ask to share their stories, beginning the cycle again. 

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These modules contain stories from mobilizers from Lebanon, Palestine, Turtle Island, Mexico, India, and more.