Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking

Al Saraya Centre

One important thing is to differentiate between knowledge and assumptions.  Often we assume that something is true, because it was true in a different circumstance, it was told to us by a person we trust, or because it fits with what we generally think.  But not all of our assumptions are correct. It is important to do two things with assumptions. The first is to test them against the world: are they accurate, or is there something else that we haven’t seen?  The second is to reflect to see if they actually fit what we think, or if we just assume they are true because someone told them to us. For instance, here is Heyam, who runs a community centre in the Old City of Jerusalem, on why it is important to think critically:


Critical thinking is important for community mobilizations because all of us need to step back and question our assumptions about our communities, our needs, and the possibilities available to us.

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