Group Process

Decisions and roles

When a group comes together to start thinking about an idea that they aim to develop and implement, they go through a process where members take on roles, tasks, and decisions begin to be taken. Projects and initiatives that tend to avoid a strict hierarchical structures nonetheless still work together in accordance to roles and tasks assigned as a result of discussions within the group.

Mohamad from Bayt Byout talks about how they started to adapt an idea they liked into practice in their own communities and how, as they began to develop into a project, the group had to take on tasks and roles on the individual level.


Lina Ismail from Dalia Association describes group dynamics are facilitated and directed in order to come to an agreement regarding decisions on the project or task at hand.


Roleplaying provided a way for the group members to share their perspectives, views, and ways of doing things. It was a space for the group to discover each other’s strengths, weakness, and best means of collaboration. As well, Lina emphasized the importance of communication and listening to all members of the group in order to create community-based decisions and work.

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