Introduction to Project Management


After the planning stage, the community starts to implement the project. The deliverable, in this case, is the project itself and it requires efforts to keep the dream alive, as well as keep people engaged and motivated.

There is not one, secret way to execute a project well.  As many times as you and your community try, that is how many times you will all learn with it. Listening to others’ experiences and advice can also be a good strategy to be more prepared for the challenges that you would possibly face in this stage.

In your e-portfolio,

a)       Thinking about your previous experience if you need to give advice on the best practices to execute a project, what it would be?

In Lebanon, Koun has started a project to support migrant workers and refugees to practice yoga. In this video, Koun gives some general advice on how to execute an initiative.



During the execution, you may also want to document, to build relationships, and to make sure everyone and everything is lined up. In this video, Shams Network gives some advice that can be useful for this specific stage of the project.

Video 5 Shams Network 00:00-2:00

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