Introduction to Project Management

Initiating – from an individual to a collective dream

b) From an Individual to a Collective dream

It is also possible that, before the community gathering, someone might already have an individual dream for the community. In this video, Paulo César, coordinator of the Tempo de Plantar movement, explains how he shared his individual dream to launch the Planting Day Event project in 2019.


In these cases, the assessment of needs and resources is still important. It can be a relevant tool to transform the individual dream into a collective one. That way, by identifying its specific needs and resources, the community can adapt to the individual dream and transform it into a shared objective for the community.

For instance, the Estrutural Committee of the Tempo de Plantar movement conducted a resources and needs assessment to adapt the Planting Day project to the context of the city in which they are located, Estrutural. Since the city is full of tight streets and small housing areas, there were no suitable spaces for trees near residences. So they came up with two different ways to adapt the dream: they planted trees in public spaces around the landfill, and also developed the idea of building vertical gardens throughout the city.


In your e-portfolio

a) Think about the projects that your community mobilization is engaged in. Did they come initially from an individual idea? If yes, do you feel this idea is a collective dream?

b) How and why this idea became relevant to your community?

c) If the idea was initially born as a shared dream (coming from merging collectively ideas and dreams), which characteristics of your community influence the project to be unique?

d) Thinking about the Estrutural Committee case, you could see that the group needed to adapt the dream of planting trees to their reality of tight streets. In your community mobilization, how did the local resources available influence the decisions on the collective dream and on the scope of the project?


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