Local Resources & Asset-Based Community Development

Locating Material Resources

What material resources do you have that you can use?  How could they benefit your project?

Trash or Treasure?

Often times, we assume that it costs a lot of money to find resources to run something.  But you would be surprised to see how often people are able to locate material resources that can be used again.  Recycling and upcycling are becoming increasingly popular around the world, but they are frequently new names for practices people have always used: making use of something that would otherwise have been wasted.

In this video, Alaa Helou talks about his project, Resign for Recyled Design, and how he thinks about seeing مهملات in a new way.


Art Studio

Riham Assaf is a Palestinian theatre director, actor, and artist.  She runs a space called Art Salon in Beit Sahour, out of her family’s home in the old city, where people can come and create art and see other people’s work.  In this video, she discusses how she uses recycled materials in her own art projects and in the workshops she runs.

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