Shared Problems

Do we all share a common problem but don’t know that yet?

As people go through their daily lives, they encounter problems that they might perceive as something that only they face. However, a community may struggle with systematic and structural problems that present themselves as something to be addressed on an individual level. When people in a community come together and talk about these problems, the structural nature of these issues are exposed and people realize that they are not alone in carrying the weight of the issue. However, many factors, intercommunal or external, may cause people to isolate their problems from the community and reserve it to the individual.

In this video, Khaled talks about the initiative which sought to bring together communities under occupation and help them visualize a more in-depth picture of the reality of their problems.


After watching Khaled talk about the community’s role in establishing the problem at hand and taking lead in directing the efforts towards the solutions under the conditions of occupation and separation, reflect on your own problems with respect to the community you’re in.

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