The ‘But Why?’ Approach

When working on an initiative you will of course face challenges from all aspects. However, before moving in order to implement a possible solution to a problem that you are facing, it is important to step back and explore the root cause of this problem. As a community mobilizer, it is imperative to dig deep to understand and acknowledge the context that the problem is situated in and the factors contributing to it in order to develop the best possible solution with the community involved. Well intended solutions that do not correspond or engage to the context that a community is in, may often lead to more harm as unexpected consequences and reactions may occur in the community as a result of this disconnection.

Sham’s Network: Part One


In your mobilization e-Portfolio, answer these questions that are attributed to the But Why? Approach section on your form.

  • What do you think of Serene’s reaction?
  • What do you think the context is that made Fadel take more bags of meals every time?
  • What do you think Serene’s reaction should be to deal with this situation?

Sham’s Network: Part Two

After forming an initial opinion on the issue at hand, in this video Serene and Baraa tell us the context of the issue and what urged Fadel to do so.

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