Three Ps: Power, Positionality, Privilege

How can reflecting on your own three Ps be used to determine how you can best dismantle structures of anti-Black racism that surround you?

Anti-Black Racism is defined as policies and practices rooted in institutions such as, education, health care, and justice that mirror and reinforce beliefs, attitudes, prejudice, stereotyping and/or discrimination towards people of Black-African descent. The term ‘Anti-Black Racism’ seeks to highlight the unique nature of systemic racism Black people face. Within the Canadian context, these experiences are the result of a long history of slavery and colonization of people of Black-African descent on Turtle Island.

This podcast, Three Ps: Power, Positionality, Privilege by Jamal Koulmiye-Boyce, a community organizer and researcher, explores concepts surrounding anti-Black racism and provides you with tools of reflection that will help you address manifestations of anti-Blackness that show up in everyday life. One important concept that Jamal explores is the idea that Language is Power, for which he has defined some key terms below. You can also find this resource here: Language is Power: Defining Terms.

Before starting this podcast, take a moment to mentally prepare yourself to learn, unlearn and relearn. Once you’re in that state of mind, drink some water, press play and soak up the knowledge.


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