Community mobilization is the process of members of a community and their allies from outside coming together to find solutions to their problems and improve the situation of the entire community.  It is an approach towards social change that involves working together collectively and ensuring that the people most affected by a problem are at the centre of any attempt to solve that problem.  Community mobilization differs from NGO-based and governmental programs of social change because it puts the power to set the agenda in the hands of the community, rather than in the hands of experts.

CMIC develops materials for developing community mobilization skills, based on the experience of diverse community mobilizers from communities all over the world, with many different sorts of projects and experiences. We develop our materials in many languages, in dialogue with people who speak many languages.  We use our materials to run programs and teach in our universities and outside of them, but our materials are available for anyone to use, either by themselves or together with others.

We recommend that anyone interested in using these materials with others read our guide to them, which explains our approach and gives suggestions.  In addition, if you would like our support in developing your use of the materials, or to partner with us for the delivery of a program, please contact us.

You can view our materials as organized by what language they are in.  If you see a module in one language but would want to use it in another language, you can contact us and we can see if we have the capacity to have it translated.

In addition, you can view our materials arranged around these themes:

  • Group process
  • Leadership
  • What is Community Mobilization?
  • Who is My Community?
  • Selecting a Problem
  • Varieties of Community Mobilization
  • Mobilizing Your Resources
  • Assessing a Situation