When people in a community have an idea for something they would like to do, sometimes they choose to implement it by themselves, starting a new organization if they need one. However, sometimes, they find it easier to work with an existing organization. In this video, Khaled Farrag describes how Grassroots Jerusalem facilitated the work of a group of youth.

Video Transcript

When organizations work to facilitate community ideas, they have to make sure that they don’t disempower the community in the process. The strength of the project belongs to the community, and the long-term leadership belongs to the community as well. In this video, Lina Ismail of Dalia Association describes how they work to make sure communities feel comfortable with this role.

Video Transcript

In your e-Portfolio, answer the following questions:

  • Can you think of an organization that fills the role of facilitator in your community?  When they facilitate a project, do they help the members of the community maintain control over it? What could they do differently?
  • Do you think you would want to work with an organization to facilitate your project?  Or on the contrary, would you want to serve as a facilitator for the ideas of others in your community?  How might that work in practice?

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