Decisions and roles

When a group comes together to start thinking about an idea that they aim to develop and implement, they go through a process where members take on roles, tasks, and decisions begin to be taken. Projects and initiatives that tend […]


Often, people who want to make social change think of themselves as leaders, or are referred to as leaders by others. In many senses, doing working together in communities does require leadership. However, most people’s model of leadership comes from […]

Burnout and Failure

At times of crisis or perpetual struggle, people working as part of initiatives to counter the effects on the community often deal with intense periods of heightened emotions and stress. People tend to leave projects and the initiatives as a […]

Conflict and Groups

Conflict among team members happens. It is natural and expected to occur when people come together to work in a team towards a common goal as part of their initiative or project. The process of facilitating conflict is not done […]

Opting Out

One very powerful ways that communities mobilize is by choosing to not participate in powerful systems that are hurting them. This is what happens when workers hold a strike, when people remove their children from schools and teach them at […]

Becoming Institutionalized

Often an idea for a mobilization will begin as something shared among a group of friends, colleagues, or neighbors. They will work on it, maybe with the support of others, informally. Sometimes that works well for the mobilization, or a […]

Thinking Beyond “Projects”

Many organizations work through proposing projects to funders, and then carrying out those projects. However, often times the structures that come with that funding model make doing community-based work harder. In this video, Mohamad from Bayt Byout talks about the […]

Facilitating Community Ideas

When people in a community have an idea for something they would like to do, sometimes they choose to implement it by themselves, starting a new organization if they need one. However, sometimes, they find it easier to work with […]