Learning Materials

Community Mobilization Learning Materials

The CMIC offers a variety of community mobilization learning tools that can be used by anyone to learn about community mobilization and reflect on their own work. The learning tools are organized as “courses,” each one made up of a number of “lessons.”  They are listed right now in one potential order that can help you work through the material; however, you can choose to skip around or do them in a different order, depending on what works for you.

How do I view the learning tools?

To see the learning tools, click on one of the “courses” below, which is a broad theme that contains different reflections, stories, and practices.  If you want to follow the order the courses are in, you can start by clicking on the top lesson, and then click to the next one at the bottom of the page.  If you want to do them in a different order, the best technique is to open up each “lesson” you want to do in a separate tab (check your browser to see how to do this) and then go through them individually.

What are e-portfolio questions?

At the end of each learning tool (“courses”), you will be presented with e-portfolio questions. Treat these questions as your personal journal or diary of your reflections and answers to what you’ve learned as you’ve engaged with the materials and reflected on your own work as a mobilizer. When you complete the questions, enter your email address and a copy of the answers will be e-mailed to you automatically.

I want to know more!

To learn more about CMIC’s approach to creating and using these materials, you can read our Trainer’s Guidebook.