Often an idea for a mobilization will begin as something shared among a group of friends, colleagues, or neighbors. They will work on it, maybe with the support of others, informally. Sometimes that works well for the mobilization, or a local organization that already exists picks up the mobilization and supports it. But at other times, the original group or the people that have joined them decide that they should become more institutionalized, taking on a more organized form and possibly starting a formal organization, such as a business or an NGO.

In this video, Loay from Bayt Byout describes the differences between when they worked with other organizations as an informal group of friends, and when they became a formal organization.

Video Transcript

In your e-Portfolio, answer the following:

  • What is a project you know that started as just a group of friends or people who know each other? What were its successes? Did it choose to institutionalize? How?
  • Do you think your project will require becoming more institutionalized at some point? Why or why not?

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