How do Organizations Relate to Communities?

Communities can have different relationships with different organizations. In some cases, organizations can be made up of members of a community. An example would be the baladiya council, or parents who make up an organization to support their children’s school. In other cases, organizations can come in from outside a community with a desire to work there. An example would be an NGO that comes to work in a community to provide health or educational services.

Fadia from the Jordan Valley Solidarity House talks about her experiences working with Dalia Association, a Palestinian organization, and their role in supporting the women in their community.


But an organization can also form a community among its members.  That feeling of community that people have working together in an organization can be an important part of what keeps people in the organization and makes the organization productive.  Within organizations, individuals can create safe spaces within the larger community to discuss issues specific to them that may not be shared with the rest.

Louay from Bayt Byout talks about how a community is formed within an organization and the dynamics between the people involved.

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