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Inspired by the Dragon Dreaming philosophy, the final stage that we can add to the Project Lifecycle is the celebration. Gathering the community, recognizing each others’ work, celebrating the implementation of the project, singing, dancing, eating, and sharing good moments together, with the feeling of appreciation and gratitude for the contribution of each community member.

Generally, not included in mainstream Project Management perspectives, this stage can be essential in the context of community mobilization, since it can support the process of building relationships and networks, fostering motivation, strengthening the community, or even making new dreams emerge. It is important to note that the celebrations will reflect the cultural and religious practices and beliefs of each community, as well as contribute to building them.

For instance, in this video, Jaira Leite, coordinator of the Vila Planalto Committee from the Tempo de Plantar movement, explains how they choose to celebrate the completion of their awareness-raising walk project.

MVI_2949 Vila Planalto 05:21-6:35



See what Dragon Dreaming philosophy explains about the Celebration stage. (Link –  Celebrating – Dragon Dreaming International)

In your e-portfolio

a) Which celebration practices does your community undertake?

b) In your point of view, which are the benefits of those practices?

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