Introduction to Project Management

Initiating – born as a shared dream

Born as a Shared dream

To design a shared dream, it might be important to assess collectively a community’s needs and resources, since the project can arise from the need to answer a common problem and/or from the possibility to take advantage of an opportunity. In the case of the community school project, for example, the community could have identified the lack of educational programs to meet the children’s needs. In the case of a community market event, the project could have risen from the identification of community talents and potentialities. You can understand more about assessment through this link (Link to the resources assessment flow)

Consequently, sometimes, the dream can be born during a session of assessment of needs and resources. De-briefing on possible solutions to a problem and merging ideas can make this shared dream emerge.

In Itapoã, a city located in a surrounding area of Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, a group of residents organized a city hall and started to gather to seek their rights. After organizing it, the group realized that, given the context of unemployment, they had another common need – food security –  which they could address by planting their garden to guarantee their food (the solution built by the community).

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