Introduction to Project Management

Why Project Management?

As a collective process and a form of social action, a community mobilization can take place around the planning, implementation, and evaluation of one or several projects. In a community garden in Brazil, several projects are organized by community members.

MVI_058 Horta Comunitária 10:02-12:15


A community mobilization can also arise from the implementation of one specific project, whose activities happen to be important for the process of gathering a specific community and identifying common problems and needs. In the case of Coletivo da Cidade:

 Coletivo da Cidade (MVI_2391) 1:16 -2:38


As we have seen, since a community mobilization can arise from projects or include them in its process, project management skills and knowledge are relevant to strengthening communities’ capacities to make positive change.

However, project management content is generally based on the idea that one person, usually a project management expert, is responsible for managing the process of achieving the project objectives. Besides that, the needs and expectations of diverse stakeholders, including investors and sponsors, are often prioritized, coming before or at the same level as the needs of the community.

In a community mobilization committed to community leadership and self-determination, as well as participative, inclusive, and non-authoritarian values, the management process can be different from the usual one-person model. Instead, the entire community might be responsible or its members might alternate responsibilities for the process of managing projects.

Therefore, to keep the collective feature of the community mobilization alive, project management skills, knowledge and responsibilities must be shared among community members. With that in mind, in these learning objects, we will explore an introduction to project management within a collective perspective. Thus, it is also important to share this material and its learnings with other members of your community.


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What is the relationship between projects and the community mobilization that you are engaged? Does it come from the execution of a specific project?


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