Introduction to Project Management

What is Project Management?

In this video, Professor Lavagnon Ika, project management professor at the University of Ottawa, explains what a project is and what are its main characteristics.

00:17 – 2:28 – What is a project anyway? ADM4103 Project Management – Video 4 – YouTube


As you have seen, projects are different from day-to-day activities that an organization undertakes. In a community mobilization, community assemblies and internal meetings are generally part of these day-to-day activities, since they are embedded in the routine of a community, concerned with operational objectives and since they don’t have an end finishing date. On the other hand, a community market event and the construction of a school are classified as projects, since they are unique and limited in time.


In your e-portfolio:

  1. In which projects are your community engaged at this moment?
  2. What are the main routines of your community?
  3. Which operational activities does your community undertake?
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